Chamber of Commerce & Community Development
Mission Statement
The Aventura – Sunny Isles Beach Chamber of Commerce is the community's leading advocate and champion for business. The Chamber's primary objective is to create a climate of growth, opportunity and success in our community. A vibrant business community enhances quality of life by providing jobs, career opportunities and increased tax revenue for schools and infrastructure enhancements.

The ASIB Chamber provides leadership opportunities, volunteer programs and business-building initiatives that focus on the critical priorities of our community. By leveraging the support, talent and resources of our members, the Chamber connects business, political and community leaders to each other, helping to improve the economic vitality and quality for life for everyone.
As the community champion and advocate for business, the Chamber leverages the talents and resources of its member businesses to improve economic opportunities for all.

The Chamber unites business and professional firms, thus creating a unique central agency working to improve business and build a better community. Over 90 percent of the membership
is composed of small businesses interested in prospering and creating a healthy environment in which to conduct business. The Chamber is made up of people who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.