Chamber Ambassadors

Adam Weizer

Ambassador provides our clients a variety of value added services to help improve their businesses' bottom line. We are dedicated to growing our clients business to its full potential.

Social Media Marketing: We design and manage your entire social media campaign.

Mobile Marketing: Use our custom designed text messaging service as a direct link to your customers to generate business during slow periods or to promote specific offers.

Payment Acceptance: Allows restaurants, caterers and virtually all businesses to accept all types of credit cards from the major card brands.

Electronic Gift Cards: Allows restaurants and virtually all businesses to sell a gift card that resembles a credit card in place of a paper gift certificate. This method is trackable, improves cash flow, creates loyalty and increases sales.

Loyalty Program: Allows you to identify, retain and grow your most loyal customers. Our custom designed programs improve customer retention and help you distinguish your business from the competiton.

Business Cash Advance: Provides the business owner access to cash funded by future credit card transactions.

Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, Mobile Marketing, Payment Acceptance, Business Cash Advance, Social Media Marketing